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State Of The City reports
Russia war aims beyond Donbass: New NATO’s Missiles Or Attempt To Make Zelensky Negotiate?
 Bristol Broadband Co-operative  Contact Contributor
July 22, 2022, 9:38 p.m.
– George Monbiot says livestock farming must be ABOLISHED to save the planet
– Forde Report on Labour infighting, Jeremy Corbyn faction undermined by MI6 etc., stopped him being PM
– Debbie Hicks public ‘Keep It Cash’ rally in Bristol, ‘Mark of the Beast’ chips put in the right hand by crooked firm
– Chinese authorities switch off health passes to prevent protests (drill by The West?) as bank collapses
– Prince Charles Colludes With BBC To Rewrite History in the High Court, Bans 1995 Princess Diana Panorama Interview
– Bristol City Council put parents of disabled kids fighting for them to be educated under surveillance
– BristolCAZ Clean Air Zone fails on council’s OWN criteria, air quality improving
– West’s Press Call Vinnytsia, Ukraine Military HQ a civilian target
– Russia Announces Its Aims Are Now Beyond Donbass Region In Ukraine
– Cause: NATO’s New Medium Range Missiles Or An Attempt To Force Zelensky To Negotiate?
– Ukraine’s President Zelensky suspends 28 security officials amid concerns of ‘collaboration’
– Belarus’ Lukashenko: Ukraine war must end to avoid nuclear catastrophe
– Espionage Act: Would Julian Assange Have Been Released By Now If He’d Given Himself Up To Swedish Police In 2010?
– Rishi Sunak wants Green taxes on fuel BUT China responsible for global warming via carbon emissions
– Being There interview with former ITV This Week documentary journalist Peter Williams
– Dr Vladimir ‘Zev’ Zelenko on Transhumanism – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling
Part One – News Review and Investigative Reports

Ian Berkeley-Hurst, Solicitor and former Brexit Party candidate, joins Tony and Martin. New Tory leader campaign. How Boris has dealt with Brexit.

George Monbiot on zero farming animal world. Boris’s last PMQs. Why Liz Truss is likely to be the new Tory leader to be announced in September. George Monbiot says farming should be ABOLISHED to save the planet: Climate change activist says meat can be replaced with lab-grown food like protein pancakes Guardian columnist George Monbiot made the claims in his new book Regenesis He described livestock farming as ‘phenomenally profligate way’ to make food He suggested the world could turn to bacteria based foods for protein instead But farmers have hit back at the suggestion accusing writer of ‘anti-rural agenda Environmental campaigner George Monbiot has claimed farming should be abolished because meat can be replaced with food made out of lab-grown bacteria. Writing in his latest book, the Guardian columnist said the world must do away with meat and dairy production because it is a ‘phenomenally profligate’ way to produce food.

Forde Report on Labour infighting – Jeremy Corbyn faction undermined, and anti Semitism claims. BBC Politics show – Momentum Martin Abrhams, Labour MP Rashnarah Ali, and Tory journalist Finklestein on the Ford Report findings – Finklestein calls Rashnarah, ‘Thangham’, can’t distinguish between different minotity ethnic MPs, then he denies what al have just seen on TV. Forde Inquiry exposes Labour’s biggest problem: Keir Starmer ‘Factionalism’ is identified as an electoral liability by Labour’s new report. But it has only intensified since Jeremy Corbyn’s exit A long-delayed report by Martin Forde QC into “factionalism” within the British Labour Party during Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure was finally made public this week, more than two years after a leaked internal report detailed efforts by senior staff to undermine the former leader. The Forde Inquiry largely confirms the disturbing picture presented by the earlier leaked report, finding that Corbyn’s team, backed by a left-wing membership that favoured his democratic socialism, was pitted against right-wing party bureaucracy and a parliamentary party both committed to maintaining the neoliberal priorities of New Labour set by former leader Tony Blair. Party staff saw one of their main tasks as finding pretexts to expel Corbyn supporters, in what they termed “trot busting” and “trot hunting” exercises. Those same senior staff exhibited “deplorably factional and insensitive, and at times discriminatory, attitudes” towards Corbyn supporters. Since Corbyn’s departure, there has been a mass exodus of members disillusioned with the direction the party has been taking. Forde, who was commissioned by Corbyn’s successor, Keir Starmer, to investigate those turbulent years, proposes ways to heal divisions that have threatened to tear Labour apart. He criticises what he calls a “monoculture” and “groupthink” at head office that has left the party’s senior staff unrepresentative of the membership and has damaged Labour’s “overall effectiveness”. Despite its ambitions, however, the 138-page report is unlikely to ease tensions in Labour. Its resolute both-sidism spreads the blame around equally, and in the process ensures no one will be satisfied.

Attacks against Jeremy Corbyn by MI5, MI6 & foreign policy establishment were enough to deny him the right to be elected PM. Jeremy Corbyn on the establishment campaign to stop him becoming Prime Minister – The former Labour Party leader sits down with Declassified UK for his most candid interview yet – on the British media, UK military and intelligence services, Israel, Keir Starmer, Julian Assange and Saudi Arabia. Please support our work with a small monthly donation, or yearly from only £20!… Time Codes: 00:00 – An Interview with Declassified UK 00:47 – UK Military 04:36 – MI5 and MI6 16:14 – Mike Pompeo’s Threat 24:34 – Labour Friends of Israel 26:44 – Accusations Against Him 32:28 – The Guardian 38:47 – Julian Assange 43:31 – Keir Starmer 43:31 – Suspension from the Labour Party 50:28 – Arms to Saudi Arabia 57:21 – The Importance of Declassified UK and Indie Media Presented by: Matt Kennard – Chief Investigator Declassified UK

Debbie Hicks on a cashless society and government digital control. Chips put in right hand – Chinese authorities switch off health passes to prevent protest A stark warning for the rest of the world as to how governments can and will use health apps to block civil liberties and human rights if authorities deem it unfavorable China provided a stark example of the extent to which governments will abuse the power that comes with COVID-19 smartphone applications, as authorities in Henan province turned the health status of citizens red in order to prevent a scheduled bank protest. Since May this year, three banks in Henan have frozen some 175 million dollars of deposits which has left people locked out of savings. A protest was planned by a number of these bank depositors in June, only to find that their health codes on their apps upon entry to the province had been turned red by authorities. This move prevented hundreds of protesters from making their voices heard against the unexplained blockage of their access to their money. “They are putting digital handcuffs on us,” a depositor from Sichuan province told Reuters. In China, since the introduction of this COVID-19 health app, anyone without a green code on their app is blocked from public transport and spaces. Those who naively believed that government-enforced health applications would only be used for the sole purpose of stopping the spread of COVID-19 have been given a stark indication as to the wider breaches of civil liberties that authorities can impose. China leads the way when it comes to digital authoritarianism, exemplified by their social credit score system which has been in effect since 2017, whereby citizens can be blocked from a variety of public services for demonstrating bad behavior online. Essentially, those who criticized the government or held views deemed undesirable by the Chinese Communist Party. Yet the digital infrastructure that has been created in the West, with COVID-19 as the pretext, means that it is only a matter of time before such drastic acts will be seen in places like Europe and the United States in order to preserve government control over citizens.

BBC Panorama, Bashir interview with Lady Diana, The DGs’ evidence: Tony Hall: Diana wrote a letter to the BBC explaining Bashir showed her no documents, he didn’t tell her anything she didn’t already know and she had ‘NO REGRETS’ over doing the interview; John Birt: Martin Bashir and Panorama had been investigating surveillance, bugging and spying on the royal family.

BBC vows never to air Martin Bashir’s Princess Diana interview again – BBC vows never to air Martin Bashir’s Princess Diana interview again – The BBC will never show Martin Bashir’s Panorama interview with Princess Diana again after the “shocking” way it was obtained came to light, director-general Tim Davie has vowed.- Bashir’s 1995 sit-down with Princess Diana is one of the BBC’s most famous interviews, but an inquiry led by Lord Dyson uncovered tactics including lying to Diana and members of her staff had been used in setting it up. = The inquiry found the BBC covered up Bashir’s “deceitful behaviour” to secure his headline-making interview with Diana and “fell short of high standards of integrity and transparency.” = Breaches of BBC producer guidelines included faking bank statements that were sent to Diana’s brother Earl Spencer, and fabricating allegations that nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke had had an affair with Prince Charles. BBC boss Tim Davie said: “Now we know about the shocking way that the interview was obtained, I have decided that the BBC will never show the programme again; nor will we license it in whole or part to other broadcasters. “It does of course remain part of the historical record and there may be occasions in the future when it will be justified for the BBC to use short extracts for journalistic purposes, but these will be few and far between and will need to be agreed at executive committee level and set in the full context of what we now know about the way the interview was obtained. “I would urge others to exercise similar restraint.”

Tigge Legge Burke wins case for allegations of affair with Prince Charles. Tony Hall – letter from Diana saying she agreed to the interview with Bashir and he didn’t show her any documents. Kilroy – unnamed chap – surveillance. Times Radio – suitcases of cash – Prince Charles. Prince Charles accepted suitcase with 1 million euros from Qatari sheikh, Sunday Times reports (CNN)Clarence House said Prince Charles received charitable donations and the correct processes were followed regarding those donations after a British newspaper reported the Prince of Wales once accepted a suitcase containing €1 million ($1.05 million) in cash from a Qatari politician. According to the Sunday Times, the suitcase containing €1 million in cash was one of three lots of cash he personally received, totaling €3 million, from former Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani between 2011 and 2015. CNN has not independently verified The Sunday Times report. “Charitable donations received from Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim were passed immediately to one of the Prince’s charities who carried out the appropriate governance and have assured us that all the correct processes were followed,” Clarence House told CNN in a statement. The Sunday Times reported on one occasion, Sheikh Hamad gave Prince Charles €1 million reportedly stuffed into carrier bags from the upmarket London department store, Fortnum and Mason. On another occasion, Prince Charles accepted a duffel bag containing €1 million during a private one-on-one meeting at Clarence House in 2015, the Sunday Times reports.

Bristol City Council put parents of disabled kids fighting for them to be educated under surveillance – – budget for special needs kids cut. Charity denies requesting Bristol council staff to monitor social media posts and photos of SEND parents Earlier this week it was revealed Bristol City Council conducted surveillance on parents critical of special needs education A charity has denied claims it requested Bristol City Council staff to monitor the social media posts and photos of parents with special educational needs. Earlier this week newly leaked documents show council staff conducted surveillance last year on local parents critical about poor quality special educational needs and disability provision (SEND), sparking concerns about privacy and who else the council is monitoring. Responding to the leak, a council spokesman had claimed the surveillance was carried out following a request by the Bristol Parent Carer Forum, a local charity, which was allegedly investigating the conduct of some of its members. But now the forum has flatly denied this. A spokesman for the forum said: “We would like to clarify that the parent carer forum has not asked Bristol City Council to collect data about parents and carers of children and young people with SEND.” Now the council has stuck with its original claim, but this time providing more detail. The surveillance appears to stem from a row last autumn, where some forum members were “campaigning” online. The council claimed this conflicted with them representing the forum.

#BristolCAZ Clean Air Zone – taxes on cars. New published data – air getting better in Bristol Carbon emissions from road traffic plummeted by 20 per cent in Bristol in 2020 – Carbon emissions from road traffic plummeted by 20 per cent in Bristol in 2020 The huge drop in emissions is more than the entire previous decade, according to newly-published data Carbon dioxide emissions from road traffic plummeted by 20% in Bristol in 2020 due to coronavirus and lockdown restrictions. New data reveals that carbon emissions related to road traffic in Bristol fell from 556,100 tonnes of carbon dioxide in 2019 to 443,400 in 2020. Road traffic emissions in the city declined more between 2019 and 2020 than over the entire previous decade. Emissions from carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, due to human activity, are causing the climate to heat up. This week Bristol and other parts of Britain saw record-breaking extreme temperatures, with experts predicting more regular heatwaves in future. Each summer the government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy publishes data about how much carbon dioxide is emitted from local authority areas across the country. The data shows Bristol’s progress on hitting its target of net zero emissions. The emissions data report said: “Overall UK emissions in 2020 fell by nine per cent, largely due to reductions in road traffic and business activity as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting restrictions. These statistics allow local authorities to track their greenhouse gas emissions trends over time, and measure progress against any targets they have. “At a national level, transport greenhouse gas emissions saw a decrease of 18% in 2020 compared to 2019. Every local authority in the country saw a decrease in transport emissions.” However, emissions from road traffic have likely since shot back up again, after Covid restrictions were lifted. The latest emissions data has a two-year time lag, meaning it’s still unclear how much carbon Bristol emitted last year. But the data stretches back to 2005, showing that over the past 15 years, total carbon emissions in Bristol have dropped by 50%. Elsewhere, household energy use now emits the most carbon dioxide of all sectors in Bristol, at 37% of all emissions. About three quarters of household carbon emissions come from gas, with the rest coming from electricity. Household emissions fell by less than 3% between 2019 and 2020, but have dropped by almost 40% over the past decade.
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Part Two – Ukraine/Covid/Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

West’s Press Call Ukraine Military HQ a civilian target. Ukraine’s national police said three missiles hit an office building and damaged nearby residential buildings in Vinnytsia, which is about 167 miles southwest of the capital, Kyiv. The missile strike ignited a fire that expanded to engulf 50 cars in an adjacent parking lot. The governor of the Vinnytsia region, Serhiy Borzov, said Ukrainian air defense systems shot down another four missiles over the area. The ‘office building’ that the Ukraine’s national police claims was hit was in fact the ‘House of Officers’ owned by the Ukrainian military. There were also an unusual number of people in military clothing helping with the casualties. The Times continues to play a shell game when it claims hits ‘on civilians’ even as the targets are clearly military ones: The strike came amid other recent attacks on populated civilian areas. And in the eastern village of Chasiv Yar, in Donetsk, the State Emergency Service said the death toll from a strike on an apartment complex over the weekend had risen to 48, making it one of the deadliest attacks since the war began. More deadly attacks are happening every day at the front line where Russia artillery takes out any larger grouping of Ukraine’s military. As for the dead in Chasiv Yar here is again what the Times Carlotta Gall reported from that location: [A resident of Chasiv Yar village, Oleksandr, 31,] said that about 10 civilians, mostly women on pensions, were living in the building at the time of the strike, but that members of the military had come to lodge there two days earlier. A Russian strike hit the apartment building. Only 10 civilians were living there, but at least 48 people have died in the strike. 38 of the dead must thus have been ‘members of the military’ who were lodging there. That they did so made the apartment complex a legitimate military target. Now let’s see what the Russian military claims to have hit in Vinnytsia: On July 13, Kalibr high-precision sea-based missiles were launched at the House of Officers of the garrison in Vinnitsa. The facility hosted a conference of the Ukrainian Armed Force command with representatives of foreign armament suppliers aimed at discussing the issues on sending another batch of aircraft, destruction means, as well as on organising the reparation of Ukrainian aircraft. The attack has resulted in the elimination of the conference participants. On July 14, shortly after news of the strike in Vinnytsia had come out, the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine issued a new Security Alert – Missile Threat Awareness for U.S. citizens: Avoid large gatherings and organized events as they may serve as Russian military targets anywhere in Ukraine, including its western regions. Well, what gave them the idea to say that?

Ukraine’s President Zelensky suspends 28 more security officials amid concerns of collaboration

Ukraine war – Russia expanding beyond Donbass region. Lavrov Says Russia’s Goals in Ukraine Now Expand Beyond Donbas The Russian diplomat said if the West continues to pump arms into Ukraine, Russia will move further into the country Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Wednesday that Russia’s goals in Ukraine are now expanded beyond the Donbas region, citing the failed peace talks and Western military aid to Ukraine. When Russia pulled its forces out of areas in northern Ukraine, Moscow said it would focus on the “liberation” of the breakaway Donbas republics, known as the Donestk People’s Republic (DPR) and the Luhansk People’s Republic (LPR). Lavrov’s comments are the first time a high-level Russian official acknowledged Moscow’s war aims extend beyond that region. Lavrov said that geographical realities changed after Russian and Ukrainian negotiators failed to reach a breakthrough at talks that were held in Istanbul back in March. “Now the geography is different, it’s far from being just the DPR and LPR, it’s also Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions and a number of other territories,” the Russian foreign minister said.

Lukashenko – Ukraine war must end to avoid nuclear catastrophe -. Rich Ukrainians getting in to Romania EU alliance fighting Russians in Ukraine – China slammed US for military ship near Taiwan Kurdistan – Iran Tucker Carlson, Fox TV – money and weapons to Ukraine form US. Belarus’ Lukashenko Says Ukraine War Must End to Avoid Nuclear ‘Abyss’ The Belarusian leader said Moscow, Kyiv, and Ukraine’s Western backers need to agree to stop the fighting by Dave DeCamp – Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said Thursday that Russia, Ukraine, and Kyiv’s Western backers must agree to end the war in Ukraine to avoid the “abyss” of nuclear war. “We must stop, reach an agreement, end this mess, operation and war in Ukraine,” Lukashenko told AFP. “Let’s stop and then we will figure out how to go on living … There’s no need to go further. Further lies the abyss of nuclear war. There’s no need to go there.” Russian officials have ruled out using nuclear weapons in Ukraine and said they would only use such arms if there was an “existential” threat to Russia. But the massive amount of military assistance the US and its NATO allies are providing Ukraine in the war risks a direct conflict between the US and Russia, which could quickly turn nuclear. There are no signs that the war will end anytime soon as Ukraine maintains it will drive Russia out of all the territory it captured, and Moscow has said it now has expanded its war aims outside of the Donbas region. The Western support for Ukraine also shows no sign of waning as President Biden recently declared the US will support Ukraine “as long as it takes” to see Russia defeated.

‘Ithaka’ film about Julian Assange’s family fighting for him. Ithaka: A Family’s Fight To Free Julian Assange by Craig Murray Posted on July 10, 2022 Away from the Tory Babel over who will be the top “world-leading” sociopath, I spent the last two evenings in the company of decent people. John and Gabriel Shipton, Julian’s father and brother, were in Glasgow and Edinburgh for the screening of “Ithaka”, the documentary that follows the fight by Julian Assange’s family to have him freed. I was moderating the Q & A. The odd pub may also have been visited. Ithaka is heart-rending, and it has an important message in rehumanizing Julian after over a decade of concerted (I use that word advisedly) propaganda aimed at dehumanizing him. The sheer baseness of the extraordinary lies told by the mainstream media about his personal hygiene – leaving toilets unflushed and even smearing Embassy walls with excrement – is something straight out of Goebbels’ playbook. The cold calculation behind Assange’s treatment in his last months in the Embassy, when he was denied access to wash and shave, in order to produce the apparent monster for the photos of his arrest, is a true example of evil unfolding. Two days before his expulsion I telephoned the Embassy and spoke to the First Secretary (a call I recorded). I explained that if, as we understood, Julian were no longer welcome, they only had to say so and he would leave voluntarily to the police station. Instead we had that calculated piece of theater. Presentation aside, it also enabled them to retain all of Julian’s possessions, including all his legal papers covered by client-attorney privilege relating to his defense. As we heard in the extradition hearing, all of those papers were taken to Quito and then given to the CIA. This was admitted by counsel for the US government who claimed that “Chinese walls” – a direct quote – within the US government prevented the CIA from passing any of that information to the Justice Department, who are running the case.

Rishi Sunak wants Green taxes on fuel. China responsible for global warming via carbon emissions. Rishi Sunak’s Push for Green Levy on Petrol Was Blocked by UK Cabinet Alex Wickham 15 July 2022— Conservative leadership contender Rishi Sunak privately lobbied to impose a green levy on petrol and diesel when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer, a plan critics said would have led to higher prices at UK pumps. In Cabinet-level discussions a year ago — before prices began an inexorable rise — Sunak proposed a Fossil Fuels Emissions Trading Scheme to put a price on pollution from road transportation, as well as shipping, building heating and diesel trains, which together make up more than 40% of UK carbon emissions. According to three people familiar with the matter, the proposal was drawn up by the Treasury and submitted for to Boris Johnson’s office. It was rejected by the prime minister after opposition from other Cabinet ministers. A spokesperson for Sunak said the proposal was part of the government’s work to make the country greener, and was ultimately not adopted. Sunak’s argument was that making fuel importers and refiners responsible for the carbon emissions produced by people using their products would raise money for the Treasury and help pay for the plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to “net zero” by 2050. That Conservative manifesto commitment was championed by Johnson at the United Nations climate talks he hosted last fall. The goal presents a challenge for the Treasury. One way to cut emissions, for example, is to promote a shift to electric cars — a move that leaves a hole in the public finances due to the loss of petrol duty.

Being There interview with former ITV This Week documentary journalist Peter Williams – Being There: Titanic, Marlon Brando and the Luger Pistol – by Peter Williams – In his 70-year career as a journalist in newspapers and television, Peter has, by accident or design, had exclusive access to many of the world’s milestone events over the last 50 years and, of course, the lessons to be drawn from them. “The great virtue of BEING THERE is the fact that Peter really WAS there. Across seven decades, from local newspaper reporter to respected television correspondent, Peter has told truth to power, held our masters to account and celebrated extraordinary people. This is a remarkable book by a remarkable journalist.” – Sir Clive Jones CBE;”As a reporter, director and producer, Peter Williams made television programmes of high quality… He established the facts, checked he’d got them right and presented them with clarity and zest. He was always worth reading. And still is…” – Sir Jeremy Isaacs;”This is a terrific book. Each chapter presents a fresh drama, espionage, murder, war crimes, world speed records, nuclear disasters… and Peter Williams was indeed ‘there’, on the case. This is an enthralling often startling read.” – Professor Michael Irwin, Professor of English, University of Kent;”He writes of encounters with villains, film stars, spies and some remarkable everyday heroes… A gripping memoir but also an enlightening commentary on events and dramas that have fashioned our contemporary world.” – Suzanne Franks, Professor of Journalism, City University, London

Dr Vladimir ‘Zev’ Zelenko on Transhumanism….. Dr. Zelenko was a physician, scientist, and activist for medical rights. He is most recognized for his safe and practical application of a novel three-drug combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulfate, and azithromycin to combat Covid-19 in prehospital settings. Dr. Zelenko graduated with a B.A. degree in Chemistry from Hofstra University with high honors. In May 2000, he earned his M.D. degree after receiving an academic scholarship to attend S.U.N.Y at Buffalo School of Medicine. Dr. Zelenko completed his residency in family medicine at South Nassau Communities Hospital inOceanside, N.Y. in May 2004. Since then, Dr. Zelenko has worked in the Hudson Valley of New York as a family doctor. In March 2020, Dr. Zelenko’s team was one of the first in the country to successfully treat thousands of Covid-19 patients in the prehospital setting. While battling recurrent and metastatic sarcoma, recovering from open-heart surgery, and undergoing aggressive chemotherapy, Dr. Zelenko developed his now-famous “Zelenko Protocol,” which has saved lives all around the world. In December 2020, Zelenko with co-authors lished an article on a retrospective case study of outpatient treatment with zinc, low-dose hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, in the International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents, which indicated a significant reduction in the incidence of hospitalization of COVID-19 patients that had been treated with the protocol, 2.8% treated compared with 15.4% untreated. Zelenko was also a courageous advocate and defender of fundamental principles of medicine. He persevered against unrelenting defamation of character from the media, and threats against his person. Dr. Zelenko was an observant orthodox Jew, and was married with 8 children, and has authored two books called Metamorphosis and Essence to Essence.
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